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Historic Plaster Restoration Company

Providing superior plastering and dry wall services in NYC since 1988

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Over Three Decades Of Plaster Repair, Restoration and Installation

If you’re looking for the best historic plaster restoration company in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place. Trained in authentic European craftsmanship, and with over three decades of experience, we are the leading experts in repairing the fragile plaster ceilings and crown moldings that are often found in many homes and buildings in Brooklyn and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Restoring and repairing interior plaster is not like fixing cracks and holes in drywall, as plaster is a specialty compound that is applied directly to a structure’s framework. This means it needs a special touch for repairs and restoration! Our expertly trained specialists only use the best plastering products and methods, to penetrate the plaster itself, ensuring the material is then strong and secure, and free of sagging, weak spots, or water damage.

Fixing ceiling cracks in plaster will often take us to your building’s attic or crawlspace, so we can thoroughly examine any weaknesses in the plastering system. Rather than simply patching over cracks and chips, we repair your building’s plaster at its foundation, where it’s been applied to the substrate of a building. This ensures your building’s interior plaster is completely repaired and restored, and as strong as the day it was installed.

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Fixing Ceiling Cracks in Plaster Is a Specialty Job

Fixing ceiling cracks in plaster is not a job to leave to a general contractor. Using the right tools and techniques for this repair work is needed, to ensure that new plaster never begins to sag or pull away from the original materials. This also allows that new plaster patch to blend seamlessly with any decorative plaster ceiling moldings, restoring the value of the plasterwork and even the building itself.

As the most experienced historic plaster restoration company in Brooklyn, we will ensure any plaster surrounding a crack in the ceiling or molding is inspected for sagging, weak spots, water damage, and damage due to pest infestation. Our skilled and trained plaster specialists will ensure this damage is addressed properly, and not simply covered over. We have the expertise and proper training in how to repair plaster properly, ensuring ours is a high-quality job that lasts.

Our plaster repair and restoration experts are also trained in the methods and materials needed to fix the aged and vintage interior plaster that is commonly found in historic buildings in Brooklyn. We will ensure that any interior plaster in your building, whether it’s on the ceiling or along decorative plaster ceiling moldings, will be repaired and restored to its original appearance and design, no matter its age or the method of its original application.

Trained Plaster Specialists You Can Trust

With specialized training in Europe and over 38 years of experience, ours is the leading historic plaster restoration company in Brooklyn and surrounding areas. Whatever your needs for restoring damaged and fragile plaster in your home or office, you want a name you can trust. Don’t settle for anything less, and don’t put off having your building’s fragile plaster repaired, but call us today for a plaster restoration job you can rely on for years to come.

If you’re looking for the best historic plaster restoration company in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place

Fixing ceiling cracks in plaster is not a job to leave to a general contractor...

High quality plastering services in Brooklyn, NYC backed by 38 years of experience

What Our Clients say

"My house was built in the early 1900's and so it has a lot of the original plaster walls with wood lath and finding a plastering company that can repair these was very hard until I came across Bestwall Plastering, I made an appointment with them and from the moment they walked in I knew they were experienced professional craftsmen, they explained the process to me and without hesitation I said yes I wanted them. I am very happy with the finished walls and even more happy I found Bestwall Plastering. I cannot stop telling people about the good work they done."

Gina Lettie

"I had plaster molding that needed repair, I searched for a company whom does this work and came across Bestwall Plastering, I contacted them, they came and looked at the molding, gave me a price, within a week they were back installed the replacement molding, and now my ceiling looks like there was never any damage. Bestwall Plastering is a professional experienced company."

Greg Walstein