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5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Plaster Installation in Brooklyn

Browsing through websites and online tutorial videos, you might get the impression that DIY plaster installation in Brooklyn, as well as plaster ceiling and wall crack repair, are all relatively simple processes. Before you pick up a trowel and start mixing plaster for your home, however, you might note some precautions against tackling this job on your own!

Plaster installation in a Brooklyn structure is not like installing any other material, as plaster is applied in layers over a wood backing. Improper application can mean cracks, sagging, and even collapsed plaster sections! To ensure you make the best decision when it comes to your home or commercial structure and are happy with the end result of any work done, note some reasons to avoid DIY plaster installation in Brooklyn and why repairs are also best left to the pros!

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1. Choosing the Right Materials for Brooklyn Plaster Installation

Homeowners often fail to realize that there are many plaster types on the market today, with various uses and applications. Browning is a base coat for walls, brickwork, and other such surfaces. Bonding plaster is similar to browning but offers better adhesion, allowing it to bond to most surfaces. Bonding is used for surfaces that might not hold browning properly.

Multi-finish is used after plaster installation in Brooklyn, to provide a smooth, attractive finish. Board finish is also used after Brooklyn plaster installation over plasterboard. For small projects, a homeowner might forego the base and finish coats and use what is called one-coat plaster.

If you’re not sure which base and finish product is the right one for your needed Brooklyn plaster installation, or aren’t sure if one-coat is durable enough for the job at hand, leave the work to the pros! A professional Brooklyn plaster installation contractor can evaluate the area needing plastering and choose the products that offer the durability and appearance you prefer.

2. Plaster Installation in Brooklyn Requires Proper Prep Work

A new plaster installation in Brooklyn can often be applied over existing plaster but those walls and ceilings need proper prep work first! It’s vital that all crumbling or even dusty plaster be removed so that your new plaster has a firm base for proper adhesion.

It’s also vital that you inspect the wood lath behind plaster; this refers to wood strips to which plaster layers adhere. Water damage, mold, and other such issues weaken that lath so that it needs replacing before new plaster installation in a Brooklyn structure. If there is needed plaster water damage repair for a Brooklyn structure, you also need to pinpoint the cause of that damage and ensure it’s been addressed properly, to avoid future damage!

Plaster installation brooklyn ny

A homeowner unfamiliar with new plaster installation in Brooklyn might overlook many of these vital steps, resulting in a poor-quality installation job. Your new plaster might eventually pull away from the old, showing gaps and cracks, or water damage might spread behind that plaster, risking mold growth. To ensure the job is done right, rely on a professional for new installation or Brooklyn plaster repair.

3. Plaster Repairs in Brooklyn Mean More Than Patching!

If you need plaster ceiling crack repair in a Brooklyn home, this involves more than just applying new layers of stucco over those cracks. Plaster is quite heavy which is why plaster ceilings tend to pull away from their base or lath over the years, sagging and then eventually cracking.

Adding new plaster over those cracks doesn’t provide the added strength and stability needed to secure plaster in position. A plaster repair contractor in Brooklyn will often add screws or bolts to existing plaster sections, securing them to their lath backing. He or she will also add new lath as needed, to provide even more security for your new plaster installation or repaired plaster ceiling.

Failing to provide this added security to sagging sections during plaster ceiling crack repair in a Brooklyn home or other structure will only result in more sagging and even the potential for collapse! Rather than patching over those sections as you would drywall or other such materials, ensure you bolt them to the lath as needed, or leave the work to a pro who will ensure it gets done right!

4. Choose Decorative Details With Professional Plaster Installation in Brooklyn

When you choose professional plaster installation for a Brooklyn home or commercial building, you might opt for a medallion, decorative crown molding, frieze or detailed border, and other such features. These details are often far more affordable than you might realize and not difficult for a professional to include in new plaster installation. A plaster installation contractor in Brooklyn typically uses a mold of your desired finish or design and presses that into fresh, wet plaster, painting over that once dry.

While only a real estate agent or property appraiser can tell you if such detailing might add value to your home or business, these features always add lots of visual appeal and charm! You can create a prewar look or add a Mediterranean look and feel to any room of your home when you include decorative detailing with your new plaster installation in Brooklyn.

5. Professionals Typically Guarantee Their Brooklyn Plaster Repairs

One last reason to avoid DIY Brooklyn plaster installation and repairs is that professionals usually guarantee their work! A professional plasterer ensures high-quality work meant to last for years; if something should go wrong with your new plaster or repaired sections in that time, he or she will usually come back to address the issue.

Not only will a professional guarantee their work but they also won’t cause damage with a new plaster installation in Brooklyn! A professional plasterer knows how to install that wood lath or backing to your home’s framework and then apply plaster layers over that without damaging studs, beams, and joists.

A professional plasterer also ensures there are no signs of water leaks that might damage that wood lath in the future. Choosing professional plaster repairs or plaster installation in Brooklyn is then the best choice for protecting your home from damage and enjoying plaster finishes that last!

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