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Answering All Your Questions About Plaster Installation in Brooklyn

New plaster installation in Brooklyn preserves the prewar look that is so popular in the area, and plaster offers many benefits over drywall and other surface materials. However, a Brooklyn plastering installation is not a DIY job or one for general contractors either! Before you decide on best Brooklyn plastering installers for your home or office, note some important questions about plaster installation in Brooklyn area structures and what you might expect from your installer.

Can You Add a Brooklyn Plaster Installation Over Wood?

A Brooklyn plaster installation can be installed over wood but there is some prep work needed first! Plaster does not adhere to wood on its own so it’s vital that your plaster installation contractor in Brooklyn apply expanded metal lathing or a wood lath over that wood base.

Expanded metal lathing is an excellent choice for plaster installation in a Brooklyn home when adding plaster over wood. This metal lathing has a raised surface that holds plaster in position, reducing the risk of sagging and cracking. Metal lathing is best attached with galvanized screws or nails to the wood base, ensuring a secure fix that lasts.

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Do You Need to Remove Old Plaster Before a New Plaster Installation in Brooklyn?

To better understand the prep work needed for a new Brooklyn plaster installation, note that plaster is applied in layers and allowed to dry between coats.

  • Dry, sagging, crumbling, or cracked plaster does not provide a secure base for new plaster layers.
  • Damaged or dusty plaster needs removing or at least cleaning and brushing before new plaster application in Brooklyn.
  • A professional plastering contractor can note the condition of your structure’s current plaster as well as the brickwork or wood framework underneath current plaster and then perform any needed repairs or cleaning for your new plaster installation.

Does a New Plaster Installation Stick to Plastic?

Despite its strong adhesive properties that allow plaster to stick to a wood or metal lath, plaster does not typically stick to plastic. Once set, the plaster will peel or release by itself so that it falls away from the plastic.

While this makes it typically impossible to add a new plaster installation over any plastic backing, note that plastic shapes and molds allow you to create decorative designs in plaster. Plaster casts are often used to create decorative medallions, ceiling trim molding, and the like. Plastic molds allow a plaster installer in Brooklyn to create even very intricate carvings in plaster, adding depth and visual interest to your new plaster ceiling and interior plaster walls.

How Do You Know When Plaster is Dry?

A new Brooklyn plaster installation takes some time to dry and set completely, often up to five or six days depending on the level of humidity in the air, the plaster mixture, and other such factors. You can often tell when new plaster is dry by checking the color; when your new plaster has a uniform pale pink color, it’s typically dry throughout. It’s good to wait a full week after new plaster installation before painting, to ensure it’s ready for a fresh coating of color.

Note, too, that you want to avoid trying to rush the drying process. Using a dehumidifier, hair dryer, heat gun or other such option might lead to plaster drying too quickly or unevenly so that it doesn’t set properly. You’ll then wind up with weak plaster prone to sagging and cracking.

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How Much Does Plastering Walls in Brooklyn Cost?

  • The cost of plastering walls in Brooklyn depends on the prep work needed for your home and the thickness of new plaster installation.
  • Specialty finishes also add to the cost of new plaster installation in Brooklyn; for example, a simple dental molding design is often much cheaper to create than an intricate ceiling medallion requiring specialty paints and trim!
  • Specialty finishes also require ornamental molding which is more costly than basic dry molding.
  • Older buildings also might need specialty plaster that flexes and moves with an aged substrate.
  • Installing new plaster ceilings in Brooklyn might be more expensive than interior plaster walls, as a contractor then typically needs to rent scaffolding and might have higher insurance costs for any plaster installation at elevated heights.

Why Plaster Installation in Brooklyn Beats Drywall!

No matter the work involved with new plaster installation in a Brooklyn home or office, plaster still beats drywall! Note some advantages of plaster over sheetrock for your structure:

  • The thick, solid nature of plaster provides better sound insulation and higher insulating properties than drywall.
  • Plaster is more fire-resistant than drywall.
  • While mold might develop along a structure’s framework behind plaster, stucco itself has no biological elements that feed mold and allow it to grow. Drywall, however, is a favorite surface for mold!
  • Plaster is more durable than drywall, readily withstanding vibrations and impact.
  • Plaster might increase the value of homes in certain areas including Brooklyn, where a prewar look and style is often appreciated.
  • Homebuyers might also appreciate plaster in areas with high humidity since the material resists rot and mold, potentially increasing a home’s value in the tropics or if located near large bodies of water.
  • The malleability of soft plaster allows it to be shaped and formed somewhat easily, so a plaster installation contractor in Brooklyn can apply fresh plaster around corners, uneven walls, and other areas that are difficult for drywall installation.

Why Plaster Installation in Brooklyn Is Not a DIY Job!

Plaster installation in a Brooklyn home is not like applying putty over a crack in the walls. A plaster installation contractor can evaluate the home’s framework and the condition of an existing lath and will know how to install a durable lath if necessary.

Layers of plaster should also dry before the application of new coats. A professional with lots of experience in plaster installation in Brooklyn will know how to evaluate your home and the plaster as it’s being applied, and will ensure you’re happy with your new plaster ceiling or walls for many years to come.

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