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How Much Does It Cost for Plaster Ceiling Repair in Brooklyn?

No matter the cost for plaster ceiling repair in Brooklyn, it’s vital that homeowners and commercial property owners invest in these repairs as needed. Plaster offers an excellent, old-world charm and appearance, and cracks in plaster ceilings or along walls creates an unsightly look and exposes a home or other structure to water damage and other such issues.

There is no easy way to calculate the cost of plaster ceiling repair in Brooklyn as the price depends on the extent of damage, the finish work needed for medallions and other decorative details, and the overall square footage of the ceiling itself! To better understand an estimate you’ve received and ensure you invest in the cost of plaster ceiling repair in Brooklyn when needed, note some important information about the process of plaster repair and fresh stucco installation.

Why a Structure Needs Plaster Ceiling Crack Repair in Brooklyn

To better understand the process of plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn, it’s helpful to know why plaster ceilings crack, sag, or otherwise suffer damage in the first place! First consider that plaster is not a solid material nailed to wall studs, as is drywall. Instead, plaster is built in layers along a wood backing or strips of wood, called a lath.

When the lath suffers water damage or cracks, softens, splits, or otherwise breaks or chips for any reason, the plaster loses that solid support. In turn, it begins to crack and sag. Also, layers of plaster are very heavy so that plaster installation in Brooklyn might include wire strips or other support in those layers. Poor-quality installation without that support can allow heavy plaster to sag over time.

Because plaster is applied in layers and not individual pieces, it might sag and crack as a structure settles and shifts over time. Drywall pieces have a bit of “give” between sheets but plaster becomes one solid piece when installed, so a faulty foundation or other such structural issues might result in the need for plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn.

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The Process of Plaster Ceiling Repair in Brooklyn

The process of plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn, or repairing sagging sections of plaster, depends on the reason for and extent of that damage. Plaster that has cracked due to a structure settling and shifting might be screwed back into the lath behind it and then patched over, so it’s strong and secure again and looks like new.

Broken or damaged lath might need repairs so that sections of plaster are removed altogether. New lath is installed and then fresh layers of plaster built over that, just like new plaster installation in Brooklyn structures. Heavy plaster sagging because of the lack of structural support might also be screwed into the lath behind it, keeping it from sagging and collapsing.

For plaster ceilings with decorative medallions or molding, casts are made of these details so damaged areas can be recreated. Fresh paint is then applied so that your ceiling or other damaged and repaired area blends easily with the rest of the room!

Plaster Ceiling Repair in Brooklyn Is Not a DIY Job!

A plaster repair contractor in Brooklyn might seem pricy for some homeowners, who often assume that they can manage this work on their own. However, it’s vital to note that plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn is not like repairing cracks or holes in drywall, wood, or other solid materials! Not only do cracks and sagging sections of plaster need proper repairs but it’s vital that surrounding areas of plaster get reinforcement, to ensure your repairs last.

A professional Brooklyn plaster repair contractor will often feather out new layers of plaster, adding to the strength of surrounding areas of a ceiling. He or she might also screw or bolt undamaged sections of plaster to the ceiling, also for added strength and bracing. Each layer of new plaster also needs time to dry and cure properly before a new layer is added; a homeowner simply “slapping” lots of fresh stucco over a crack or missing section will probably see that new plaster outright collapse after it dries!

It’s also vital that the reason for needing plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn be addressed. Plumbing leaks, excessive humidity in the home, rodent infestation, and other reasons for damage to a plaster lath need fixing along with that plaster, to keep damage and cracks from coming back. It can also be difficult to match paint colors on plaster, especially for older structures with aged paint or specialty colors and coatings.

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Should You Replace Plaster With Drywall?

When faced with the cost of plaster ceiling repair in Brooklyn, you might be tempted to replace your structure’s plaster with drywall and especially if your contractor needs to remove that plaster to begin with. However, this can be a mistake, as there are many reasons to keep plaster inside your home or commercial structure versus drywall installation. Consider some advantages of plaster versus drywall.

  • Plaster has no biological materials that feed mold growth, as does drywall. You might decrease the risk of mold development in your home or commercial building by choosing plaster versus drywall.
  • Rodents and termites tend to chew through drywall, creating holes and other damage. Plaster, however, is much thicker and denser and more difficult for pests to chew through, keeping them out of your home and reducing the risk of structural damage and infestation.
  • The thick, dense nature of plaster offers more soundproofing than drywall. A plaster ceiling is especially excellent for rooms with another story overhead, as plaster will absorb footfalls and other sounds, creating a more comfortable interior environment.
  • Fresh plaster is malleable so that a plaster installation contractor in Brooklyn can create decorative medallions and other details along a structure’s ceiling, for a unique look you can’t recreate with drywall.

One last advantage of plaster ceiling repair in Brooklyn versus replacing the material with drywall is that plaster offers an authentic, prewar look and feel to homes and businesses not easily duplicated with drywall. You might even reduce the value of your home or other structure with drywall installation rather than using genuine plaster where needed.


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