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Should You Choose Water Damage Plaster Repair in Brooklyn, or New Drywall?

When your home or business needs water damage plaster repair in Brooklyn, you might wonder if it’s a better choice to simply replace that plaster with drywall. Drywall is often easier to repair or replace than plaster but there are many reasons why homeowners and commercial property owners choose to keep plaster versus any other building material.

Never assume that plaster ceiling crack repair in Brooklyn is not worth fixing, or assume that drywall is a superior building material since it’s used so readily in construction today. To help you make the right decision when it comes to your home’s walls and ceilings, note a few reasons why you might invest in plaster water damage repair for a Brooklyn structure versus drywall installation.

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Water Damage Plaster Repair in Brooklyn Preserves Charm

Many homes and commercial structures in Brooklyn offer a unique charm you cannot duplicate easily, and plaster detailing is part of that uniqueness! Plaster was used commonly in prewar times, before drywall was invented, and plaster detailing creates an authentic, aged look that many property owners love. Plaster walls might also boast swirls and other patterns created during plaster installation, and these details are also difficult if not impossible to duplicate with drywall.

Plaster crown molding, medallions, and other such details also add charm, depth, and visual interest to interior spaces. While a homeowner or commercial property owner might replace damaged plaster crown molding with wood or plastic trim, these materials also lack the authenticity of plaster itself. To keep your structure looking its best and ensure it always boasts its prewar charm, opt for water damage plaster repair in Brooklyn versus drywall installation.

Fight Mold Growth With Water Damage Plaster Repair in Brooklyn

One excellent reason to choose water damage plaster repair for a Brooklyn structure versus drywall installation is that plaster helps fight the spread of mold, whereas drywall makes a great host for mold spores! Plaster contains no biological materials that feed mold spores and allow mold to spread along its surface. Drywall, on the other hand, is a mixture of paper and wood, both of which are excellent surfaces for mold to flourish.

Your Brooklyn plaster water damage repair expert will want to check for mold growth behind plaster after it’s repaired, and mold can grow along the wood framework behind plaster walls and ceilings. However, since plaster doesn’t feed mold, it may very well stop it from spreading from room to room. The plaster itself is also not likely to need mold cleaning or replacing due to mold growth.

Once drywall is affected by mold growth, it often needs professional cleaning or replacing. Investing in Brooklyn water damage plaster repair versus drywall installation is then an excellent way of protecting your home from mold growth and keeping mold restoration costs to a minimum.

Choose Plaster Repair in Brooklyn for Stronger Surfaces

One reason that drywall is easier to install than plaster is that soft drywall sheets are nailed to wood framing somewhat easily, without anything other than a few household tools and drywall nails or screws. However, that softness of drywall also means it’s much easier to break those sheets or panels! Drywall is so easy to crack that it usually requires specialty carts for transport and lifting, to keep it from splitting right down the center.

Plaster repair in a Brooklyn home or commercial structure means a stronger surface, much tougher to crack, punch through, or otherwise damage. Plaster is also less likely to crack or split as a home or commercial structure settles and shifts on its foundation. Because plaster is applied in wet layers and then allowed to dry rather than in individual sheets, you also have little to no risk of seeing gaps between plaster sections, as sometimes happens with poor-quality drywall installation.

Brooklyn Plaster Restoration Molding Ceiling Repair

The strength of plaster versus drywall adds up to fewer costs for Brooklyn water damage plaster repair than for drywall repair and installation over the lifetime of home ownership! Fewer cracks and other such damage along walls and ceilings also means less outside heat, humidity, and cold air making it into your home and less of your cooled and heated air escaping through those gaps and cracks. You might then enjoy lower utility bills and a more comfortable interior when you invest in water damage plaster repair in Brooklyn versus a new drywall installation.

Keep Your Structure Soundproof and Fireproof With Brooklyn Plaster Repair

As wet plaster dries, it becomes a thick, dense material that easily blocks sound waves and provides added insulation against outside noise. This is an especially important consideration for Brooklyn area structures, as New York traffic and other such noise might easily distract you during the day and keep you awake at night!

Choosing Brooklyn plaster repair versus a new drywall installation is an excellent way of adding a soundproof barrier around your home or business. You won’t notice as much outside noise, and your neighbors won’t notice noise originating from your structure, when you opt to keep its original plaster versus a new drywall installation.

Along with soundproofing, plaster provides excellent fireproofing properties. Plaster has a very high flashpoint meaning it doesn’t catch fire or burn away easily, whereas the paper and wood of drywall actually feed a fire! While no homeowner or business owner wants to think about the potential of a fire inside their structure, consider keeping your property’s plaster rather than replacing it so you’re protected as much as possible if a fire should ever break out.

While all of these factors are reason enough to invest in Brooklyn plaster repair versus removing that material and replacing it with drywall, note that your plaster restoration expert can typically offer even more reasons to consider keeping plaster intact. He or she might know how drywall installation has affected property values of homes and businesses in the area and can often attest to how structures lose their charm once an owner chooses drywall installation versus water damage plaster repair in a Brooklyn structure. Be sure to ask him or her for advice when deciding on plaster versus drywall for your structure as well!


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