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How to Repair Plaster

Wondering How to Repair Plaster In Your Home or Office?

If you’re looking for the best historic plaster restoration company in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place. Trained in authentic European craftsmanship, and with over three decades of experience, we are the leading experts in repairing the fragile plaster ceilings and crown moldings that are often found in many homes and buildings in Brooklyn and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Restoring and repairing interior plaster is not like fixing cracks and holes in drywall, as plaster is a specialty compound that is applied directly to a structure’s framework. This means it needs a special touch for repairs and restoration! Our expertly trained specialists only use the best plastering products and methods, to penetrate the plaster itself, ensuring the material is then strong and secure, and free of sagging, weak spots, or water damage.

Fixing ceiling cracks in plaster will often take us to your building’s attic or crawlspace, so we can thoroughly examine any weaknesses in the plastering system. Rather than simply patching over cracks and chips, we repair your building’s plaster at its foundation, where it’s been applied to the substrate of a building. This ensures your building’s interior plaster is completely repaired and restored, and as strong as the day it was installed.<