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Plaster Ceiling and Crown Moulding Repair Services

Services provided by European trained Brooklyn Plaster Restoration Artisans with 38 years experience

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Expert Plaster Services For All Your Restoration, Repair and Installation Needs

Never put off any plaster repair work that is needed for your historic or prewar building in the Brooklyn area, as ignoring cracks, chips, sagging areas, and water damage can lead to holes in a plaster ceiling, or in your building’s decorative molding. Water damage can also mean that your building is at risk for mold growth, which is expensive to repair and which is also very dangerous for your health!

With over 38 years of experience, our company is the leader in plaster repairs for the city of Brooklyn and its surrounding neighborhoods, and we offer a full line of plaster and stucco restoration work. This includes patching small cracks, removing and replacing damaged, softened, or broken areas of interior plaster, and restoring decorative plaster to its original appearance and condition.

Water Damaged Plaster Repairs

Interior plaster, especially as it gets older, may absorb water and then soften, so that it begins to sag or bulge and pull away from a building’s substrate. This uneven or bulging look is often called delaminating cracks.

When you notice sagging or bulging plaster, you need to call us for plaster ceiling restoration right away. Once plaster or any type of stucco shows these delaminating cracks, it may be at risk of literally falling away from the building’s framework, taking more chunks of the plaster with it.

Don’t assume that you can learn how to repair plaster on your own, as these delaminating cracks need to be addressed at their foundation, where plaster adheres to the ceiling beams. Our trained professionals will do more than just sand down the front of water stained plaster and then patch over it, but will use original plaster materials and apply these at the base of the current plaster, so your home’s ceiling is secure and safe and in good condition.

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Plaster Mouldings Repair

Gold leaf plaster restoration

Interior plaster mouldings may show the same delamination cracks that you see on your home’s ceiling, or these pieces may start to show what are called settlement cracks. Settlement cracks appear when a house or other structure shifts and settles, so that walls are no longer properly aligned. In turn, you may soon see large vertical or diagonal cracks in the home’s decorative plaster moulding.

To ensure your structure’s moulding is repaired properly, we will thoroughly examine the area of the cracks and note if the plaster needs outright replacement, rather than repair. This will stop decorative moulding from pulling away from the framework of the walls, and protect new plaster that is added. We will also restore the look of decorative moulding, so your prewar building maintains its vintage charm.

Plaster Installation Services

A new plaster ceiling or decorative moulding can give your home or office a historic look that fits perfectly with your Brooklyn neighborhood. With over 38 years of experience, and training in authentic European plaster application and installation, our service is second to none when it comes to decorative plaster crown moldings, and painted plaster ceilings. Whatever look you want to achieve when it comes to plaster installation in the greater Brooklyn area, give us a call today.

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