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Expert Water Damage Repair in Brooklyn

Why Plaster Repair for a Home Ceiling

Plaster ceiling water damage repair should never be avoided, as plaster that is bulging or sagging is starting to fall away from a building’s framework. When this happens, your entire ceiling is in danger of eventually collapsing!

Damaged plaster also puts pressure and stress on other areas of that stucco, so that an entire span of a plaster ceiling can quickly suffer even more deep cracks and chips. This process is called domino-delamination, and all those cracks, chips, and broken areas of plaster then become more costly and time-consuming to fix.

Plaster Molding Water Damage Repair

How to Repair Cracks in a Plaster Ceiling

Plaster Wall Molding Repair and Restoration Brooklyn NYC

If a plaster ceiling only has a minor, hairline crack, you might be able to fill this in yourself. First, widen the crack with a small chisel. Use a medium bristle brush to clean out the cracked area, and then dampen the crevice with a wet sponge. Before the plastered area can dry, use a putty knife to apply joint compound to the crack.

Be sure skim coat the surface of the repaired area, using the flat edge of your knife to smooth down the joint compound. The plaster is then ready for a fresh coat of paint, which should hide the repair. If the crack is still visible, however, it’s time to call a professional to have it repaired correctly.

How to Repair Water Damaged Ceiling Plaster

Never assume that you can learn how to repair water damaged ceiling plaster from an online tutorial or website, as repairing water damaged plaster is much more involved than filling in a small crack. Water damaged plaster typically gets soft and loses its adhesion, pulling away from the framework above it. When this happens, holes need to be drilled into the plaster and new bonding materials injected behind those sagging or bulging areas.

While this may sound simple, use the wrong drill bit or drilling too deeply will not only damage the plaster itself, but you might also drill right into the framework of the home. The wet and heavy dust created during plaster ceiling water damage repair can settle in other areas of the house, and easily tear up a household vacuum. To avoid these risks, leave this work to a professional, who knows how to repair water damaged ceiling plaster properly, and who will have the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and safely.

Plaster Molding Water Damage Repair

Should a Plaster Ceiling Be Replaced?

Plaster Wall Molding Repair and Restoration Brooklyn NYC

When water has severely damaged a plaster ceiling, it may need replacing, but don’t assume that you should opt for sheetrock over new plaster. Authentic plaster has a look and feel that drywall cannot duplicate, and a metallic glaze, medallion, frieze, or crown cornice can be added to the walls and ceiling, for even more visual interest in your home.

For any needed plaster ceiling water damage repair, or to add a stunning decorative element to your home’s ceiling or plaster mouldings, call or contact us today. Our highly skilled technicians are experts in all the plaster repair, restoration, and design work you need for your Brooklyn area home.