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Plaster Crown Molding

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Our Plaster Molding Installation and Repair Service

The beauty of Plaster Molding can definitely enhance a room but how in the world do you repair it or install it so that it doesn’t look like a “Johnny Homeowner” Job? At Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, you can trust our Plaster Molding professionals with 38+ years of experience to get the job done right. We have decades of experience and the skills to take on any type of plaster repairs, restorations or installations. No matter what your Plaster Molding needs are, our knowledgable and licensed professionals are ready to serve you.

Plaster Ceiling Mouldings Add a Light Yet Ageless Look to Your Home

Wood trim and laminate crown mouldings may be somewhat common in homes today, but plaster crown molding can create an ageless and historic look that you expect in a prewar Brooklyn neighborhood. Because plaster was so commonly used in homes before wood trim and sheetrock walls became popular, adding a decorative cornice, frieze, or even thick medallions around a light fixture or in a foyer can give your home a vintage and timeless appeal that you cannot achieve with wood mouldings and other such pieces.

Plaster also has a much lighter feel to it than heavy wood trim, so you can keep an open and bright look in a room when you choose plaster ceiling mouldings versus heavy and dark wood or laminate details. Cast ornament plaster can also be shaped and formed into any decorative design, so you might choose extensive plaster scrolls or swags for your home’s stucco details. For a simpler and cleaner look, choose a simple dental plaster molding, which is a square cutout along the plaster, much like teeth!

Plaster Molding Water Damage Repair

Decorative Cornice For Height and Grandeur

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Small interior rooms are very common in homes in Brooklyn neighborhoods, but rather than put your home through an extensive renovation, consider decorative cornices to add height and grandeur. A plain plaster cornice can be painted any color so that it creates some contrast between walls and ceilings, and more detailed and intricate designs in mouldings will also draw the eyes up, creating both height and grandeur is a room.

Decorative cornice pieces can also hide cracks and other imperfections that are commonly found in homes in Brooklyn neighborhoods. A radius corner, where the plaster is curved around a wall’s edge, can allow you to add trim to areas where cutting wood pieces would be difficult and time-consuming, and where jagged or rough edges would be noticeable and unsightly. These corners can also add a grander look to a home than simple wood trim.

Plaster Wall Details For a Personalized Look

Since plaster can be shaped, molded, and designed in virtually any way imaginable, you can create plaster wall details that are unique and personal, and that perfectly fit your style. A bumpy stucco detail, where the trowel is pulled away from the wall while wet plaster being applied, and which creates ripples and waves, can be perfect for adding texture to a plain wall. Faux wainscoting can be added to a lower wall space, for more visual interest and a classic yet simple look.

Other options for a plaster finish to your home’s walls include venetian plaster, which has a slightly aged and Mediterranean look and style, stenciling to add details around doorways or to an empty corner of a room, and raised molded designs that also add texture to a room’s walls. Plaster wall details can also coordinate with patterns on furniture upholstery, or follow the decorative lines in a room. These details can also coordinate with your plaster crown molding, to create a cohesive and timeless look throughout your entire home. To discuss how plaster installation can create a home you love, call us today to discuss your options for cornices, mouldings, and other authentic plaster details.

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