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Plaster Installation in Brooklyn, NYC

Expert plaster installation for homes and buildings in Brooklyn, NYC

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Expert Plaster Installation Services in Brooklyn, NY

At Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, we are the Plastering Installation pros with over 38 years of European-Trained experience. We believe that plaster is truly one of the best inventions. Why? For starters, plastering is an inexpensive wall covering that is quick to install and yields stunning results when done correctly. They provide homeowners with a neutral base that can be decorated to individual needs. Finally, plastering can save you thousands of dollars in construction costs and repairs!

Allow Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, your local plaster and plastering installation experts to take care of your next plaster installation. Call us today!

Plaster Mouldings Breathe Life Into Your Space

Plaster Wall Molding Repair and Restoration Brooklyn NYC

If your home’s kitchen is a bit bland and dull, you can invest in new cabinetry, countertops, or lighting, but these may do little to make your kitchen look unique and personal to you. Instead, consider new plaster kitchen cornices and mouldings. These simple features can make a kitchen seem grander and even larger, as they draw the eyes up and give a space height.

New plaster kitchen cornices and mouldings can also be what’s needed to show off the wall colors in the kitchen, adding contrast and a focal point between the cabinets and ceiling. This can make a paint or stain color seem richer or deeper, while also adding a unique detail to the room. Mouldings can also be shaped and detailed to coordinate with other plaster installation in the home, so your interior space has a coordinated look and feel.

Why Install a Plaster Ceiling In Your Home?

Plaster Molding Water Damage Repair

Plaster is less prone to absorb moisture than drywall, so plaster walls and ceilings can mean less risk of mold growth in a home or office. This can be especially important for structures that don’t have a sufficient vapor barrier or that are constructed near bodies of water, where humidity levels are higher than average, and for homes with older plumbing pipes. You might install a plaster ceiling in such buildings, to help avoid unsightly water stains from leaky pipes or ductwork.

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Why Vintage Plaster for Home or Office

Vintage plaster can give interior walls or ceilings a whitewashed, aged look that makes a structure a perfect fit for any prewar Brooklyn neighborhood. Plaster also offers a soft base for creating details and designs that you cannot achieve simply by painting standard sheetrock.

The right application and installation of vintage plaster may even increase a building’s overall property values, as real plaster has a unique look and feel, versus new home construction that typically uses standard drywall and even plastic mixtures for mouldings. Plaster wall details can be added around windows, light fixtures, or other features, to make these features stand out and to create a historic yet cohesive look in your entire home.

Call Us for Unique Plaster Wall Details

Applying plaster wall details and mouldings is not like other home improvement services that can be left to a general contractor, as plaster is fragile and delicate, and needs to be properly adhered to the strata of a building so that it doesn’t sag or bulge. Adding details in vintage plaster is also an art form, as plaster needs touchups and a bit of personalized attention after being shaped and molded so that it’s perfect right down to the last detail.

When it comes to plaster installation in your Brooklyn area neighborhood, our services are second to none. We bring authentic European craftsmanship with an old world touch, along with over 38 years of experience in plastering, to every job we manage. Whether you want new plaster detailing in a home or office, to add value or just some charm to your space, call us today for a free quote, or to simply find out how new plaster can make your interior space charming and unique to you.