Expert Plaster Repair for Bronx Homes

Bronx Plaster Repair Service

A Bronx home needs expert plaster repair for any damaged stucco ceilings, crown moldings, and walls. An expert repairperson will know how to repair holes in plaster walls properly, protecting that stucco from chipping and collapsing while also preserving classic details carved into the surface of plaster crown molding and ceilings. Expert, authentic repair will ensure your Bronx house maintains its old-world, vintage New York charm while also protecting the structure’s framework from water leaks and other damage!

bronx plaster repair

How to Repair Plaster in Bronx Homes

Learning how to repair plaster in Bronx homes is no easy feat! Plaster is not like drywall, which can be fixed with a quick patch and paint job. A cracked or sagging plaster ceiling needs to be reattached or anchored to the home’s framework so that the material doesn’t continue to sag and then eventually fall away from the ceiling itself.

Learning how to repair holes in plaster walls is also just as complicated. Holes in plaster walls may need to be expanded so that fresh plaster will adhere to its surface. That new plaster may also need to be applied with specific techniques that will allow it to fill in the hole and also blend with the undamaged plaster. You cannot learn all these details of how to repair holes in plaster walls from online videos!

If your home is close to popular attractions such as Fordham University’s Keating Hall or the Bronx Zoo, you might notice more cracks in plaster walls and ceilings, due to vibrations caused by heavy traffic. Don’t try to repair plaster ceilings, walls, and other areas yourself, but leave this job to an expert who knows how to address broken and damaged plaster properly.

Call The Experts in Bronx Plaster Repair

To maintain the classic look of your Bedford Park, Tremont, or Throggs Neck home, you want the most highly-qualified experts in plaster repair. Our company offers over 38 years of the authentic artistry that is needed to go beyond simply fixing damaged plaster, but which will also restore the appearance of those exquisite and unique decorative details. We guarantee a job done right so that your Bronx plaster ceilings and other home details are in good repair and are as beautiful as the day they were installed!

Authentic Plaster Repair in the Bronx

Many homes in this New York borough, such as those in the South Bronx, Riverdale, and along either side of the Bronx River, will have old-world plaster ceilings, crown moldings, and other sections that boast exquisite, handcrafted details and beautiful charm. When these sections of stucco are damaged, it’s not enough to merely repair the material itself.

Authentic plaster repair in the Bronx should include a full restoration of the intricate details on the face of the stucco. A cast may need to be taken of undamaged areas so that fresh plaster can be set in this same design. Aged and antique paint colors also need to be applied, so that freshly set plaster repair looks cohesive and coordinates with the original plaster in your Bronx home.