Reliable, Affordable Plaster Repair in Hackensack

When you need plaster repair for your Hackensack home or historic structure, you want the most reliable and affordable company, and an expert who can ensure the job gets done right! Plaster ceiling repair, as well as the repair of surrounding crown moldings, cornices, medallions, friezes, and other stucco features, is not like fixing drywall or interior concrete. Expert plaster repair requires both skill and artistry, and your home deserves the best of both!

Plastering Companies Near Hackensack

Homes and businesses in Hackensack, New Jersey, often need plaster repair simply due to the age of those structures, since many homes and businesses are quite old. The First Dutch Reformed Church in the city, for example, was constructed in 1696! Walking tours of the town often feature this building, along with the historic Sears building on Main Street and the Anderson Street train station, built in the 1930s.

When these historic structures need plaster repair, their caretakers know to search past the first name they see when they look online for plastering companies near Hackensack, and you should do the same for your home. A damaged plaster ceiling needs more than a simple patch and paint job, as sagging stucco needs to be anchored back to a home’s framework to keep that section from outright falling away. Intricate detailing on medallions also need to be duplicated and added to fresh stucco, so your home’s plaster ceiling has a cohesive appearance, just as beautiful as the day it was built!

Plaster Crown Molding Repair Takes Artistry!

The plaster crown molding found in many Hackensack homes will typically boast exquisite detailing and features along its face, including dental mold, beading, and simple bump-outs. After repairing your home’s plaster crown molding, these details and features need to be replicated precisely, hiding any sign of that repair and preserving the charm of the frame itself.

Duplicating the design of plaster crown molding is not a skill that is easy to master. When you search for plastering companies near Hackensack, you don’t want to settle for a contractor who lacks the skills needed to replicate the details of your home’s crown molding. Protect the look of your interior rooms and the value of your charming Hackensack home by only hiring an expert who knows how to repair plaster crown molding and also restore its original appearance and luster.

What Authentic Plaster Repair Requires

Sagging and broken plaster repair starts behind that section of plaster, where the stucco is attached to the wood slats that hold it in place. Surrounding plaster may need to be re-anchored to the home’s framework as well, to provide added support. Before new stucco is applied, all these steps need to be completed, and is not a job to leave to an amateur!

At Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, we offer more than 38 years of experience in plaster repair and bring authentic European training and artistry to every home we service. We will thoroughly inspect all areas of damaged stucco and ensure that your Hackensack home’s plaster repair is done right, restoring the strength and stability of that stucco and replicating its original, stunning design and details.