Durable Plaster Repair for Hempstead Homes

Hempstead homes need sturdy yet artistic plaster repair that will last, and that will restore the original appearance of decorative plaster accents. Plaster ceilings with intricate designs and details require authentic craftsmanship, to recreate and restore those decorative touches to areas of repaired stucco, for a cohesive, authentic look. Never assume you can learn how to repair a plaster ceiling, crown moldings, cornices, medallions, or friezes on your own, but always rely on the experts when your home needs any stucco repair or replacement!

Expert Plaster Ceiling Repair in Hempstead

Hempstead, New York, is home to the beautiful Jones Beach, and you can easily see the Jones Beach Water Tower on your approach to this stunning natural attraction. Being close to the water, however, can mean excess humidity in the home. A home’s framework can absorb that humidity, and then get soft, settling and shifting, and eventually causing cracks in plaster ceilings.

You cannot learn how to repair a plaster ceiling with a quick internet video or website, however. Anchor screws need to be applied to ceiling stucco, to keep it attached to the wood lath behind it. A professional plaster repair person will also know the right type of plaster to use to match the stucco on your Hempstead home’s ceiling so that the materials mesh together correctly and offer a cohesive look.

How to Repair Holes in Plaster Walls in Hempstead

If you’re lucky enough to live near the Hempstead Lake State Park, you may enjoy leisurely weekends picnicking next to beautiful McDonald Pond or the South Pond. Anyone in Hempstead should enjoy their time at these local attractions, rather than trying to learn how to repair holes in plaster walls in a Hempstead home!

You cannot repair severely damaged plaster with joint compound and paint. Creating a smooth surface along a stucco wall or square cornice takes skill and artistry, as this material needs to be applied in layers and along a stable foundation that allows it to adhere to undamaged sections of plaster. The paint on your Hempstead home’s plaster crown molding, walls, and ceiling may have also faded over time, so choosing the right shade of touchup paint may also require a practiced eye!

Plaster Repair in Hempstead is an Art Form

If you live in Hempstead, you have better things to do with your free time than trying to address plaster ceiling crack repair. There is a never-ending list of things that residents of Hempstead can do to enjoy their beautiful borough and its surrounding neighborhoods, including visiting the Long Island Children’s Museum and Nunley’s Carousel, or the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

No matter how you spend your Saturdays, however, you also want to remember that restoring authentic plaster details to their original appearance is an art form and not something that homeowners can typically do on their own. Brooklyn Plaster Restoration offers more than 38 years of experience in repairing plaster ceilings, crown moldings, and walls in New York homes, and we guarantee that your beautiful plaster features will be restored to their original condition and appearance, preserving the old-world charm of your Hempstead house.