Top-Rated Plaster Repair for Your Manhasset Home

Plaster ceiling repair and repair to a Manhasset home’s plaster walls, cornices, and crown moldings should always be left to a properly-trained professional. An authentic plaster repair expert will know how to thoroughly repair cracks in a plaster ceiling while also restoring damaged medallions, carvings, and intricate design work. Your Manhasset home will then be as beautiful as the day it was constructed!

How to Repair Holes in Plaster Walls in Manhasset

Manhasset is a quiet and sleepy little borough of New York, and many homes in this area have easy access to nearby Manhasset Bay. Residents of Manhasset typically enjoy boating, skiing, and other water sports along this beautiful area of New York and Long Island throughout the summer.

As enjoyable as it is to live near such a scenic waterway, high humidity levels and vibrations from boats and ferries can cause cracks along plaster walls, ceilings, and moldings. It’s not easy to learn how to repair holes in plaster walls in Manhasset, however. Many layers of plaster spread over wood lath, or thin slats attached to the home’s framework, are used to create stucco walls. This lath may also need repair when outer layers of plaster begin to sag, crack, or chip.

Expert plaster repair also includes adding specialty mesh tape around a hole in a stucco wall. New plaster needs to be applied using the same mixture of stucco, and with the same application methods as the original materials used to create a home’s wall, so the final surface is smooth and stable and offers a cohesive, seamless look.

Plaster Ceiling Crack Repair in Manhasset

Plaster ceiling crack repair is not an easy job! Some videos or tutorials that claim to teach you how to repair a plaster ceiling might recommend that you remove the damaged or sagging stucco and cut a piece of drywall to fit that hole. However, your Manhasset home deserves authentic plaster ceiling repair and not some quick, cheap, shortcut fix!

Anchor screws are used to connect sagging areas of plaster back into the wood lath or ceiling beams holding that area of stucco in place. A cast should also be taken of any medallions or friezes in the home. Decorative details along restored plaster ceilings are recreated using that cast. Recreating these details is a skill that is not easy to master, and involves special techniques and a measure of artistry.

Choosing Plastering Companies Near Manhasset

Never settle for the first company you see when you search online for plastering companies near Manhasset. Structures in this beautiful neighborhood, such as the Community Reformed Church and Greentree Estate, retain their old-world charm and unique look by investing in top-rated service providers when in need of repair.

Your Manhasset home also deserves the best when it comes to plaster repair and restoration. Brooklyn Plaster Restoration brings authentic European artistry and over 38 years of experience to every home we service and repair. We won’t rest until your home’s plaster ceiling, moldings, cornices, medallions, and all other stucco pieces are properly repaired and restored to their original old-world beauty.