Authentic Plaster Repair in Manhattan

Your Manhattan home or office deserves only the best plaster repair craftsperson! The right plaster restoration company will ensure that your structure’s crown moldings, ceilings, and walls are repaired properly and thoroughly, and will have the expertise needed to restore the exquisite details that set a classic New York property apart from the rest.

Manhattan may be known for its fashion, food, economy, and world-class entertainment, but this borough is also famous for its beautiful, historical architecture that is an expression of true Americana. That exquisite architecture deserves someone who knows how to repair its interior plaster properly!

Authentic Manhattan Plaster Crown Molding Repair

Many Manhattan homes and offices have old-world plaster crown molding and ceilings that are carved with exquisite details and designs, and which lend this world-famous city its unique, historical look. Loft buildings in TriBeCa, as well as offices in the Financial District, often boast decorative, aged plaster and stucco details that are part of Manhattan’s overall charm and personality.

When stucco in a classic Manhattan NYC home or office is damaged, it’s not enough to fill in cracks and chips and then sand down its face. Proper plaster ceiling repair of old-world Manhattan buildings requires reconnecting damaged pieces of plaster to the framework of a home or office, filling in those broken areas, and then recreating the design and details that create the exquisite look of your structure.

Manhattan Plaster Ceiling Repair is Not a DIY Job

Never go online and look for videos that show you how to repair a plaster ceiling, thinking you can tackle this job yourself. Landmarks such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center are able to keep up their dazzling appearance because they know to leave the work of maintaining their buildings to plaster repair NYC experts!

Plaster ceiling repair for a Manhattan home or office should also be left to those who are properly trained in repairing plaster at its base, where it’s attached to the structure’s framework. The surface of that plaster then needs to have decorative finishes restored so that the repairs are invisible and your home or office looks as exquisite as the day the plaster was installed!

Choosing the Best Plaster Repair in Manhattan

If a plaster ceiling or crown moldings in your Manhattan structure are cracked, chipped, or sagging, you need to have this stucco repaired as soon as possible. However, you don’t want to hire the first company you see when you search for “plastering companies near me!” Not every company that claims to know how to repair plaster ceilings or crown moldings will be skilled in fixing stucco, and in restoring the details of that plaster.

At Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, we offer more than 38 years of quality artistry and specialize in plaster ceiling repair, as well as the repair and restoration of detailed crown molding and decorative stucco. With authentic European training in plaster design and restoration, we ensure that the exquisite plaster detailing of your beautiful, historical Manhattan home or office is returned to its original luster and appearance, protecting the classic and unique New York architectural look you’ve come to appreciate.