New Rochelle

Exquisite Plaster Repair for a New Rochelle Home

Exquisite, expert plaster repair for a New Rochelle home will preserve the value and beauty of your house. The borough of New Rochelle is often considered one of the best places in the country to live, and many homes in this New York neighborhood boast stunning, intricate stucco details along their walls and ceilings. To preserve the charm of your home and ensure that its beautiful plaster features are secure and stable, only choose authentic plaster repair services from top-rated experts.

How to Repair a Plaster Ceiling in New Rochelle

The “Queen City of the Sound” offers many waterfront homes that include beautiful plaster ceilings, carved or stamped with great detailing and intricate features. However, while living near Glen Island or Hudson Park offers you many opportunities for enjoying water sports or a beautiful view on the weekends, the added humidity in the air from these parks can eventually damage your home’s framework and, in turn, its plaster ceilings.

Never assume you can quickly learn how to repair cracks in a plaster ceiling on your own. Stucco detailing in a New Rochelle home needs to be replicated precisely, to preserve the overall appearance of that ceiling once it’s repaired. Casts or molds should be taken of undamaged areas and then used to stamp or shape new stucco used for plaster ceiling repair. This process takes tremendous skill and even a bit of artistry!

How to Repair Holes in Plaster Walls in New Rochelle

Your weekends are better spent at the Pelham Country Club, the New York Athletic Club, or along the shores of Davenport Neck, not online searching for how to repair holes in plaster walls! As with plaster ceiling repair, fixing broken or cracked stucco walls is more complicated than many homeowners realize. The original plaster material used to build that wall needs to be applied, and the technique for layering that plaster also needs to be replicated.

In many cases, repairing walls and plaster crown molding requires more than one visit, as each layer of stucco should dry thoroughly between applications. It may also be challenging to match old paint colors for the plaster in your New Rochelle home. To get this work done correctly and ensure your house looks stunning after any plaster repair, you need to rely on highly-trained experts for this job!

Choosing Plastering Companies Near New Rochelle

Never assume the first name you see when searching for plastering companies near New Rochelle is the best! Plaster repair takes a tremendous amount of skill and know-how, and a keen eye for detail. Authentic plaster ceiling crack repair and repairs to intricate crown molding and cornices also takes years to learn, and should only be handled by experts.

At Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, we bring true old-world artistry to every home we service. Our plaster repair experts received their instruction in Europe, learning the art of plaster design and application. We will ensure that all plaster repair for your New Rochelle home is done to exacting standards, providing your structure with durable and stable stucco that is as beautiful as the day it was installed.