Authentic Plaster Repair for Newark Homes

Your Newark home’s plaster ceiling, trim molding, and other such pieces deserve nothing but the highest quality repair and restoration. The city of Newark boasts impressive architecture and exquisite homes, and only the best plaster repair service provider will ensure those structures retain their overall style and charm. You also have better things to do in Newark than search online, trying to learn how to repair holes in plaster walls and ceilings yourself!

Detailed Plaster Ceiling Repair in Newark

Plaster has been a favorite building material for many centuries because of its overall durability and strength. However, plaster ceilings in many Newark homes also boast intricate detailing and design work, and may proudly show off medallions, swirls, and other such features. These details create lots of visual interest in a room, which is why necessary plaster ceiling repair should be just as detailed.

Your home’s plaster ceiling may not be as intricate as the decorative details found in the city’s Cathedral of the Sacred Heart or the Newark Museum, but you still want to protect artistic features in your Newark home. Detailed, expert plaster ceiling repair will ensure all delicate features of a ceiling are perfectly replicated in repaired areas, restoring that ceiling to its original appearance.

Protect Plaster Crown Molding in a Newark Home

It’s not easy to learn how to repair plaster properly, and especially stucco molding or friezes with intricate detailing. Fixes to chipped or cracked molding start at its base, so it’s secure and stable and adequately attached to the home’s framework. The details of that plaster crown molding, including dental molds, bump-outs, and any swirl design also need to be replicated in that repaired area.

Your Newark home’s plaster crown molding deserves expert repair so that the trim itself is secure and stable, without overlooking any detail of its design. That trim work will then as stunning and exquisite as when it was first installed, and your Newark home will retain its overall charm.

Highest-Rated Plastering Companies Near Newark

Plaster ceiling repair and adequately replicating details in trim work takes both skill and artistry, to fully restore those elaborate features to your home’s stucco. Plaster repair of any element in your home is not a DIY job, and not something for a general contractor. Only the most highly-trained and skilled plastering companies near Newark should be called on to address damaged stucco in your home.

Residents of Newark might enjoy spending time on the Orange Boardwalk and in Branch Brook Park or touring the Justice statue in the city, rather than worrying about how to repair plaster in their home. Leave this work to the experts at Brooklyn Plaster Restoration, as we bring over 38 years of European artistry to every home we service. We guarantee the best plaster repair services for your house, so that your stucco ceiling, trim work, and other features are stable and secure, and boast the beautiful design you love.