Classic Plaster Repair in Scarsdale

Classic, authentic, expert plaster repair is needed for the many beautiful homes and businesses in the borough of Scarsdale, to retain the historic look and authentic New York charm and appeal of those structures. Plaster ceiling repair and repairs to holes in plaster walls should not be left to a general contractor, as correctly repairing stucco is part skill and part artistry!

Scarsdale Plaster Crown Molding Deserves Expert Repair

The city of Scarsdale is known for its beautiful homes and architecture, including the historic Harwood Court building and the Scarsdale Woman’s Club. Many such structures are enhanced with classic European plaster crown molding that is stamped or carved with intricate designs and details.

When plaster crown molding begins to peel, crack, chip, or sag, you cannot just fill in those damaged areas and then paint over the material, as when fixing drywall. Authentic, expert repair of such plaster includes making a cast of undamaged areas. This cast is used so that the decorative details of that beautiful plaster crown molding can be restored to those patched sections. Your beautiful and unique crown molding then looks as stunning as the day it was installed.

Plaster Ceiling Repair in a Scarsdale Home

After playing a few rounds at the Quaker Ridge Golf Club or hiking the Greenburgh Nature Center, you don’t want to waste your time online, searching “how to repair a plaster ceiling.” You have better things to do with your free time than trying to fix cracks and sagging areas of stucco, and these repairs are also best left to a trained expert!

Plaster ceiling crack repair begins behind that broken area of stucco, where the plaster should be attached to structural beams. A specialty type of mesh tape may also need to be added over the cracked area, to strengthen the stucco and keep fresh plaster in place. Water-stained plaster may need to be removed, and the damaged area widened, to provide a stable base for new stucco.

As with repairing plaster crown molding, casts may be taken of undamaged areas of a ceiling so that decorative details carved into the plaster can be recreated. Recreating these designs takes time, patience, and skill.

Best Plaster Repair for a Scarsdale Home

Your beautiful, timeless home in Scarsdale deserves only the best when it comes to its upkeep and maintenance, and especially for plaster ceiling repair or the repair of exquisite stucco crown molding, medallions, and other such details. We are the area’s leading experts in plaster repair, and we bring over 38 years of experience and classic European training in plaster restoration to every home we service.

Don’t put off needed plaster ceiling repair or attempt to fix holes and cracks in stucco yourself. Your home deserves the most exquisite attention to detail so that those beautiful and unique plaster designs are correctly restored, and the stucco itself is sturdy and durable. Let the experts at Brooklyn Plaster Restoration help ensure the plaster detailing in your Scarsdale home always looks its best and is restored to its exquisite, original finish.