Staten Island

Authentic Plaster Repair Staten Island

Never settle for anything less than authentic plaster repair for your Staten Island home. Classic New York architecture deserves only the best when it comes to repairs and maintenance, and adequately fixing a plaster ceiling or crown molding, especially those with medallions and other intricate designs, takes both skill and artistry!

How to Repair Plaster in a Staten Island Home

Visitors to the borough of Staten Island may enjoy seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island during their ferry ride across New York Bay, but residents of this neighborhood often appreciate the architecture found in the Staten Island Museum and Sailors’ Snug Harbor. This classic architecture typically includes authentic plaster ceilings, walls, and crown moldings, as plaster is very dense and durable but very easy to carve and shape while being installed.

Learning how to repair plaster in a Staten Island Home is not an overnight process. Plaster ceiling crack repair is especially tricky, as broken or sagging stucco needs to be anchored back onto the home’s framework, and not merely filled in with putty or spackling compound. If a plaster ceiling offers a beautiful, intricate medallion, frieze, or cornice, a cast should be made of that design. This cast can be used to add those same details along the newly patched and repaired area of a structure’s interior.

How to Repair Holes in Plaster Walls in a Staten Island Home

Construction of plaster walls involves the application of several layers of plaster, placed over wood lath or set of slats. As with ceilings and moldings, you cannot properly learn how to repair holes in plaster walls with online videos and tutorials. Fixing damage to a plaster wall involves applying several layers of joint compound, taping, and then feathering outer layers of plaster, so the final result is a smooth and durable surface that is sure to hold.

Exquisite Plaster Crown Molding Repair

As with a ceiling, your Staten Island home’s plaster crown molding may have exquisite details etched into its face. To preserve the appearance of that crown molding and create a cohesive look, these designs should be replicated and then applied over repaired areas of plaster. Aged paint colors also need to be chosen carefully, so that old plaster and old-world gold leaf are perfectly replicated on new sections of plaster, preserving your home’s old-world charm.

Plaster Repair Adds Classic Staten Island Charm

Have you ever seen a show at the St. George Theater and wanted to replicate its look in your own home? Many structures around Staten Island boast beautiful stucco interiors, with intricate details added during the island’s Greek Revival movement in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

If you love the look of these classic structures, but your Staten Island home doesn’t include these intricate designs and decorations in its plaster crown molding, it may be time to add such details! Antique paints and classic medallions can be added to friezes and cornices while they’re being repaired, to give your house an old-world look and feel that is a perfect fit for this New York borough!